jl_news010515Happy fucking New Year!  Can you believe its 2015?  Holy fuck times goes by fast when you’re having fun.  We’re starting our 10th year here at Juliland.com and we are working hard to make it our best ever!  This idea started 10 years ago and look where we are today?  Over 40k photos, 1k movie scenes, 500 podcast shows, TV shows and so much more!  Seriously, never really thought we would make it this far, but I’m happy we did.

This year I have some serious goals.  I wanna go big in many ways!  More grrls, more fotos, more scenes, more podcasting, more TV and more FUN!  With the help of friends this will happen!  With the help of the grrls, this will happen!  I know that our fans and friends always support what we do.  That’s why I work so hard and will never give up.

Things will start kicking in real soon.  Just keep checking back with everyone in the Juliland Universe.  Check out the blogs, the posts, the pix and all the content.  Its ALL gonna get bigger and better.  Also let me know if there is anything you want or looking for.  Let me know if you want me to shoot any grrl out there that I haven’t.  ALSO let me know if you like what I’m doing.  Feels good to hear nice words when I’m working so hard.