I just had the best shoot with my fav, Audrey Bitoni.  Have you heard of her?  She is the craziest fucking grrl I know and work with.  Every shoot is a personal challenge and battle between her and me.  We go at it in every way possible just to get the best results!  WE will do anything and everything to make the results the best!

Audrey bought some new lingerie and heels just to make me smile, she did her manicure just the way I like it, and was super nice, sexy and most of all, nasty as fuck!  She never lets me down and always gives me her best.  Also, she feels just as good as she looks.

As always I took some snapshots to share.  Please look out for the final images and videos.  I promise you have never seen Miss Bitoni like this before!!!  Seriously, I’m not kidding.  Really!  I’m very serious my friend!