Baby Frank and Bobbi Starr’s sassy cat, China, sat down for a heart to heart to discuss the politics of global warming, the downfall of societal growth, and the perplexities of human interactions.  But somehow, they got a bit sidetracked and the following interview is what we captured from their furry play date.  Read it and weep for an inside look into the personal life of our lovely Bobbi…

1. If there is one thing you could say to your master, Bobbi Starr, what would you say?

Meoooo aaa ooo aaa ooooww

Well, she should feed me more. Doesn’t she know I’m waisting away. Look at me! I’m skin and bones! SKIN AND BONES!

2. Have you ever walked in on Bobbi getting some in her bedroom?


Hm..No. But some times she brings someone by so I have someone else to sleep on. 

3. Has Bobbi ever called you a “pussy”?


No. Absolutly NOT! …if she knows what good for her.

4. How important is a clean & fresh litter box?

Mah ah ah ah meh ah ah.

Won’t use it unless it’s spotless.

5. What do you have to say to all the male cats out there?


Hate em. No boys allowed.