What do you get when you put to EVOL people together in one room?  Way too much fun!  I spent the other night with my grrl, Aiden Ashley, locked up in a hotel room for 24 hours of Evol fun.  Aiden and I love to create art and most of all have fun doing it.  It was way too long since we last played and I promise you will love our results.  Aiden of course brought her best and I brought mine!  We challenged each other to make it our best night ever.  I think we did that and more.  So many fotos taken and so much video shot.  Just the way we like it.

The extra added bonus was Aiden invited the beautiful Andy San Dimas along for the ride.  It was her first visit to Juliland and it won’t be her last!  I’m one lucky fuck!  Two of the most beautiful grrls and me!  I win again!  By the time Andy showed up we were rolling along!  ;-)  Andy jumped in full force and showed me she belongs in Juliland.  You see, to be a Juliland grrl you have to be special, unique, crazy, sexy, nasty and fun.  Andy brought all that and more.  What an amazing grrl, and what a great night.

Aiden and Andy showed me a few new tricks.  Evol Grrl showed Andy why she is so Evol.  I showed them both why I’m Evol.  Andy showed us Evol kids what it’s all about!  It was an Evol night for sure.  As always you will see the results all over the Juliland Universe.  At EvilAiden.com, you will see Evol Grrl like never before.  At Juliland.com Andy will make a special visit all thanks to Aiden!  Again, I’m one lucky fuck!  Yup yup.