February 2012 kicked off the 0th anniversary of Innocent Words Magazine. With that in mind, we have decided to write one retrospective feature each issue documenting our biggest moments, good, bad or otherwise.

The Chicago band Local H had a pretty good following where I am from because they’d often make the 2-plus hour trek down from Chicago to play the college campus.

The band was on tour in 2002 supporting their new album Here Comes the Zoo. They were two years removed from their one hit single “Bound for the Floor” from their 1996 As Good As Dead album. Local H was going through some changes at the time as original drummer and co-founder of the band drummer Joe Daniels had left the two piece band and was replaced by Brian St. Clair. Still remained was front man, guitarist and antagonize Scott Lucas.

It was well known that Scott was a different breed of cat. Not only did he rig his guitar to play bass as well, but he earned a reputation of being one of the most sarcastic guys in music. Needless to say he was a hard interview.

I had never interviewed him to this point, but I thought I’d give it a shot; I tend to give musicians the benefit of the doubt. Besides, it was a phone interview because they go in town for their show.

A list of questions ready, I waited for Scott Lucas’ call, which was late so I had to call Local H’s press rep and see if he was going to call. Sure enough about 20 minutes later the phone rang, it was Scott. He apologized for being about an hour late, but it couldn’t be helped. He cracked wise about his tardiness but I don

[‘t remembers what he said, I wasn’t mad anyway, I just wanted to get the interview.

Trying to get a straight answer from Scott Lucas was like pulling an infected tooth. If he didn’t have a one or two word answers he would just say random shit like he was making it up as he was going along. I tried my best but half way through I just got frustrated and didn’t even ask him the final few questions I had for him. I just wanted it to be over.

With the interview written and turned in, I went to the show about a week later. I was at a place called the Canopy Club right in the middle of the campus of the University of Illinois. I was a regular there so I got to roam pretty much anywhere I wanted. Hanging out backstage behind the current I was watching the opening band Love hog (who was a killer local band) Scott walked in and leaned against the brick wall. He was unmistakable with his flannel shirt, faded T, ripped jeans and Chuck Taylor shoes. After the opening bands set were done I walked over and introduced myself to him, thanking him for taking the time to do the interview. I don’t even think he remember who I was or doing the interview. So I asked him to sign my show poster and he said “sure” and just signed it real small. It kind of looked like “Scott” and that was all. I asked him if it was ok to take pictures during the show and he just gave me a nod and said “sure.”

Showtime came and Local H took the stage. They were fucking loud. The venue held maybe 800 people and it was half full so the sound just echoed off the walls.

I took out my camera and started snapping pictures. Brian was playing drums at the front of the stage right in front of me and he looked like Animal from the Muppets. His drumming was just insane. I started clicking shots and during a break downing song Scott tight walked the edge of the stage to get to the side I was on as I snapped pictured. He hovered right above me so I bent down to try to get a cool angle and then I see it. A big globe of white spit falls from his mouth as he tried to spit on my camera lens. It was like a slow motion car accident as the spit slowly feel and I jumped back and watched it hit the floor with a splatter.

I was really in disbelief at what just happened. Was he trying to be cool? Was he being a dick? Was I not supposed to take pictures even though I asked? I had no idea. I wasn’t mad, but I wasn’t happy either. I just was. I put my camera away and said fuck it. I realized all the rumors were not just gossip, this dude was a dick.

As I told the story to other writer friend of mine it seemed most of them all had their own Scott Lucas run in story to tell, so that made me feel better that I didn’t do something wrong. Like the others who had to deal with him, I have never covered Local H since the spitting indecent of ’02.

Courtesy of Tory Michael & Innocent Words