Barbie bent over in front of the mirror, spreading her ass cheeks for a full view of her anatomy. Pink pussy lips spread around an impeccably clean pussy, a tight, bleached ass hole right above it. We finished our conversation…

Barbie: are you gonna come to her birthday party? It’s next Sunday.

Me: of course.

We were planning her daughter’s fourth birthday party. Barbie wiped her impeccably clean pussy with a baby wipe. It’s normal conversation at a club to plan your baby’s birthday over a fully exposed pussy. Barbie took the stage.

My club is famous for what is called “Bush Dives.” During a bush dive a guy lays his head on the stage, and the girl squats over him giving him a full anatomical show of his pussy. It’s epic. My pussy is shaved, and pieced with a rainbow clit ring. I did this because I can use “taste the rainbow” as a pick up line. This is life at an all nude strip club. Flashing some pussy. Mine is a little pouty, a little bit of inner lip. She’s beautiful. Phoenix has a porn star pussy with no outer lip. Apache always wears hers with a landing strip. Kandy doesn’t give a fuck and only trims. I call mine Cookie.

Stripping itself is hard enough. Girls worry if their abs look good, if their arms are too fat, if their ass is dimpled. They hide their C-Section scars, their “pooch.” When you’re dancing all nude there’s nothing you can hide. And really, men don’t give a shit. They notice nothing but the sexy, naked woman spread eagled in front of them.

The rail was full, man after man bending over for me to flash my pussy. Chubby lips and a clit ring, they loved it. All they see is pink paradise. When I exited the stage, they leaned over again for the next girl. Mother of two, in her thirties. They screamed, threw dollars down for her. She flashed them Her cooter. Older, a little more lip, the tattoo of her kids name flexing on her upper thigh as she danced over her faces. Ah, the glory of a bush dive.

Pussy is sexy. No matter how you show it.

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