Here in the Juliland Universe, we pride ourselves on being pro-sex and pro-female choice.  We recognize, however, that many views exist towards pornography and human sexuality, some of which are significantly different from ours and other individuals in the adult industry.  So, in usual fashion, I am here to share with you the ins-and-outs of three major perspectives that have been primary guiding forces underlying pornography research.  It’s important to keep in mind that each perspective has some support, but at this point, we cannot say that one of these theories has been clearly supported and the others falsified.  Also, please remember that each makes assumptions about human nature, leading to predictions about pornography and its impact.  But it’s up to you, my darlings, to decide where you ultimately stand, what suits your taste, and what feels right (or wrong) for you.

The first perspective, the Conservative-Moralist Perspective, was derived from Judeo/Christian theology.  In their divinity, the social environment created by people plays a significant role in choices made.  Sex should be a private and uplifting act engaged in by consenting, married adults.  As a result, pornography is seen as an advocate for sinful choices like adultery, emphasizing sexual gratification rather than procreation and/or sexual communion.  Therefore, porn is a medium that undermines sexual monogamy and traditional family structure, the foundation of society.

The second perspective, the Liberal Perspective, sees good and evil as arbitrary and culturally defined notions.  I suppose you could say this theology is directly opposite from the Conservative-Moralist Perspective, as they believe that porn, sex, and pleasure can be good, and women can be empowered by using such mediums.  Pornography speaks to the lust aspect of sexuality (not love), and consequently, it allows for many people to relate to it.  The medium itself triggers thoughts, feelings, and arousal that can be compartmentalized, and ultimately, individuals choose to act on what they see (thus, porn cannot be blamed).  On a more political level, Liberalists believe that as long as consenting adults freely choose how to behave, then the state should under no circumstances interfere with the adult industry.  They also strongly believe that the majority’s rights should not be restricted because there is a small minority that is negatively affected.

Last, but not least, is the Radical-Feminist Perspective.  This camp of theorists see human perception and knowledge as culturally constructed entities that represent the interests of those doing the construction.  Within the realm of pornography, women are presented as sexual objects that during postures of sexual submission or in scenarios of degradation are dehumanized.  This ultimately promotes sexually abusive and discriminatory behaviors (e.g. attitudes that justify rape/violence and decreased viewer sensitivity) and endorsement of limiting roles of women.  Women begin to accept their role as the submissive and perceive that their ability to be attractive or sexual is where their value lies.  Men similarly accept their role as the dominant or controller of women (their penis is forever on a pedestal).  Through the vehicle of pornography, men impose their notions of what is right/appropriate upon females, thereby getting women to shape their own views around the views of men.

So, we have reached the end of our ride, dear followers!  I hope you all enjoyed my academically boring tour of theoretical outlooks.  I know many of you come to Juliland to be aroused, mentally plowed, and sexually titillated.  But, I think that with anything you involve yourself in, you must be well-informed and educated.  And who knows? You might find yourself in a heated debate about porn and sexuality, and you’ll be able to literally own your opponents at the drop of a cock with your new-found knowledge!

As a part of the Juliland family, I am very much pro-sex, pro-choice, pro-anything that allows me, as a female, to fully enjoy myself.  Despite my involvement in the porn, I’m sure that some of my views may not align with those of Richard Avery, Aiden Ashley, or Bobbi Starr.  But rather than getting caught up in who is right or wrong, we should simply embrace our dissimilarities, and maybe, just maybe, get naked…

Yours truly,
Scarlett Stone