The year was 1977 when entrepreneur and lingerie-lover, Roy Raymond, began one of the most renowned and successful companies in the world – Victoria’s Secret.  According to accounts, Raymond felt embarrassedly beset by the department store environment when he attempted to buy his lovely wife some lingerie.  So, like any normal man would do, he opened his own lingerie store in Palo Alto with sparse garments and accommodating staff.  And I suppose you could say, the rest is history.

Now we find ourselves in 2012, about thirty-five years past its birth, and Victoria’s Secret is a growing entity, constantly producing more products that surpass the good-old bra and panty set.  Currently, you can buy Vickie’s swimwear, fragrances, cosmetics, lotions, etc., all of which are under the Victoria’s Secret “name” (PINK or Sexy Little Things).  And they’re making millions and millions of dollars in the process – over five billion dollars, to be exact.  So, it would seem that whatever Victoria’s Secret is currently doing to produce such a high net worth is due to one hell of a business plan, right?  WRONG.  While the company’s sales are sky-rocketing, their morals have seemed to dwindle in the process.

Now, I could go on and on about how I feel Victoria’s Secret should change their ways for the better.  Despite the beautiful nature of all of their models, I would love to see a woman of normal size both wearing and representing their lingerie.  And as a female endowed with fuller, 34D breasts, I’m always dumbfounded when I enter their stores and see their merchandise stop at a 38DD and a size large.  For such a large corporation that is already the number one lingerie producer in the world, why are they only catering to such a small, marginalized group of women?  Sure, it could be due to the wishes of Ray Raymond.  Or perhaps they haven’t heard complaints such as these before.  Nevertheless, I hope they wise up.

Speaking of wising up, I have another bone to pick with Vickie’s.  After receiving their monthly catalogue in the mail, I was shocked to see a shirt by the PINK brand with the following phrase across the front – ‘Study Less Party More’ – a saying that only promotes the idea of stupidity accompanied by partying.  The irony ensues when you realize that Victoria’s Secret endorses colleges such as USC and UCLA.  As Richard Avery and I always say, “Is it too much to ask for a smart grrl?”  Apparently, Victoria’s Secret thinks it is.

Your’s truly,
Scarlett Stone