Rumors spread even before the film’s release, reviews are written prior to audience interest, and before you know it, millions of viewers turn up at the box office to see just one actress bare it all.  In some cases, she’s simply naked.  In others, she has Vincent Gallo’s cock in her mouth, rose petals around her figure, Leonardo trembling in her arms, or John Hamm blowing into her ear.  In some cases, she or he gains cult following.  In other instances, thousands of VHS tapes are worn and ruined thanks to Phoebe Cates and her red bikini.  Sometimes, these same stars are harassed due to their impeccable portrayal of a sexual napalm, dominatrix, or BJ queen.  Whatever the aftermath may entail, certain sex scenes are purely unforgettable and in my opinion, deserve recognition.  So please, click on the following images and watch them cum to life in what I like to call, the Top 20 Countdown of Cinematic Sex Scenes

1. Brown Bunny (The Real BJ)

2. Requiem for a Dream (The Best Ass-to-Ass for Quick Cash)

3. American Beauty (The Rosiest Finger Bang)

 4. Secretary (The Best Submission)

5. American Psycho (The Most Psychotically Narcissistic Fuck)

6. Showgirls (The Best Water Sports)

7. Black Swan (The Best Cunnilingus)

8. Choke (The Best AA Sex)

9. A Clockwork Orange (The Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?)

10. Y Tu Mamá También (The Best Threesome)

11. Titanic (The Best Steam-Powered Sex)

12. Wild Things (The Best Display of Lesbian Affection)

13. Unfaithful (The Most Anti-Marriage Affair)

14. Superbad (The Best Virgin Moment)

15. Team America (The Weirdest Doll Sex With Duty)

16. The Notebook (The Best Wall-Pinning)

17. Bridesmaides (The Best Fuck Buddy Fuck)

18. Deep Blue Sea (The Most Fleshy Fuck)

19. The Girl Next Door (The Best Prom Night Nookie)

20. 8 Mile (The Best On-the-Job Hardly Working With a Hard On Hump)

Your’s truly,
Scarlett Stone

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