When the infamous ‘Rabbit’ debuted on Sex and the City in 1998, I made it a point to try every version manufactured since then.  As you can imagine, the experience of buying and testing these toys was amazingly enjoyable, tiring, and expensive.  My money quite literally went to latex and orgasms, and now, I find myself spending my time and energy with the Rabbit’s close relative – California Exotic’s Glitter Glam Bunny.

Upon receiving this toy, I was skeptical and unsure of the difference between the two vibrators because they looked so similar in appearance, yet they were named contrarily.  While one seemed to be of greater experience, a veteran in the adult industry, the other seemed to be a rookie.  After trying it, however, I was pleasantly surprised.  The Glitter Glam Bunny has all the bells and whistles that you want in a dual stimulating toy:

  • Glitz ’n Glam waterproof bunny with optimal dual teasers
  • Dual motors with over 200 patterns of vibration and pulsation plus rotation
  • Powerful, plushy soft vibrating bunny
  • Sensually textured shaft for added sensations
  • 3 rows of non-jamming, reversible rotating pleasure beads
  • 8 levels of rotation
  • 8 levels of vibration
  • 3 functions of vibration and pulsation for both motors
  • Auto on/off button
  • EZ touch controls with LED lights and EZ load battery pack
  • MSRP :  $108.99 

It sounds like a wish list of pleasure, does it not?  In many ways, it is.  However, I had a lot of trouble with the ways in which the bunny’s ears and hands were situated.  Rather than laying side-by-side around the clitoris, the bunny seems to lie up and down.  For me personally, I prefer a horizontal stimulation rather than a vertical.  In any case, if you want a night where you can’t possibly leave your bed (even to eat a sandwich), go out and get yourself the Glitter Glam Bunny!

Yours truly,
Scarlett Stone

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