I’ve been known to have an opinion or two about a lot of things.  I have my ideas, thoughts, and opinions on just about everything known to mankind!  But, I’d like to think I’ve earned the right to say these opinions out loud!  So, here’s my two-cents on Twitter and Porn Stars – brace yourself!  I get that you want everyone to follow you and be your fan.  I get that despite what you say, you really don’t have a whole lot else going on in your life.  I get that doing porn is not really a full time job (even though you think it is).  I get that most grrls are not college educated.  BUT for the love of God, please have something more to say than who you’re fucking that day!  Perhaps something more than how wasted you are from the night before or when your next appearance is?  Please, something more than bitching about your loser boyfriend and how he treats you like shit.  AND then you wonder why your life is filled with so much drama!  Grace us with more than stupid, random thoughts and actions.  Really?  Do we all need to know that you deathly ill from last night’s dinner?  Let’s be real, you probably had a salad.  Do we need to know that you just went to Starbucks?  Do we need to know that you just pooped yourself from doing too much anal?  Really!!!

So here’s what I’m asking ladies: think before you tweet.  For all of our sakes, ask yourself the following, “Do my followers really care?  Will I educate them with something important or just show them how stupid I am?  Will they be happy to hear good news or should I just keep complaining about my life?”  Also think about what really matters to you and your followers.  Is it that you are a loser surrounded by losers or that you are “porn star” who’s more than just another dumb grrl?  I keep telling grrls to have something to say, something that’s worth listening to.  Say what you feel, but please censor your thoughts.  Please don’t think out loud and DON’T tweet out loud!  In a perfect world, you might educate your followers with articles, photos, websites and information that will inform and enlighten (hmm…sounds like some of my smart Juliland grrls).

Bring something of substance to the twitter world, and I promise, you will get that back five times over.  I personally like to have fun and make people smile.  That’s what YOU need to do when you can – make people smile.  Everyone is having a tough time, and I bet if you could make your followers smile once a day they would be grateful for it and love you that much more.  Trust me when I say they not want to hear about the bad, stupid, boring, and trivial aspects of your life.  So please, think before you tweet.  Your followers will appreciate it, and believe me, I will too.