The term ‘fantasy’ is a word we loosely throw around in our everyday language to describe an intangible entity, one in which we wish we could acquire, but don’t quite have within reach.  For some, a fantasy could encompass a job or a car, even a house or an item of clothing.  But here in the Juliland Universe, the word ‘fantasy’ almost always implies two insatiable things: dessert and sex.

For Richard Avery, his fantasy includes a room filled with chocolate milk, saltwater taffy, and boxes of Sixlets.  You see, the easiest way to reach Dick’s heart is through his sweet tooth, and therefore, his stomach.  As for myself and the other grrls, I believe we position ourselves somewhere in between wanting dessert and sex, a relationship that includes Butterfingers, Blow Pops, a Big Hunk, and a Bit-O-Honey.

While I stand strongly, feet planted in the importance of indulging your inner desires, I also understand that our culture is extremely debilitating when it comes to making fantasies a normative facet within our society.  Laura Kipinis discusses in her book, Bound and Gagged, that “the overarching fantasy is that the powerfully monstrous bad thing is somewhere else, that it can be caged, and most crucially, that it’s ‘other.’  Violence isn’t here, it’s there.  No, over there.  Not in the family, but in that Satanic cult disguised as a day care center; not the criminal justice system, but in the psychopathic stranger.”

Accordingly, does this mean that we, as fantasy seekers, take on the role of the psychopathic stranger and the ‘other’?  Or perhaps it’s the family and the criminal justice system that represent the marginalized community completely content with monotonous sex?  Are they the ‘other’?  In essence, the question that seems to be raised here is the following: how do you define “normative sexual tendencies” and who exactly is participating in these behaviors?  And perhaps most importantly, what constitutes a “normal fantasy” and one that borders on “Satanic cultism?”

Studies have clearly demonstrated that many more people have homicidal and sexually violent fantasies than act on them.  In fact, we know very well that rapper Ludacris (an accepted member of society, for the most part) is a fan of buck-wild, down-for-anything, fuck me sideways on your Escalade type of intercourse when he says, “Horseback and I’ll get my reigns, school teacher let me get my grades.”  If only the rest of society were more exposed and open about their innermost penetrating requests.  So, I ask you to do the following – whatever your fantasy involves, let your freak flag fly.  In fact, tell me your fantasies.  I’d love to hear.

Yours truly,
Scarlett Stone