We get a lot of CDs here at the offices of Innocent Words Magazine, well not as much as we used to with digital promotions and all, but still we get a lot. Over the eight years we have been doing this…wow eight years…time sure flies. Anyway over that time period, there are many many cool things we have experienced. One of the things is to get a bands first promo CD and watch them progress over the years seeing them go from bigger label to bigger label until they reach a major label and unfortunately have to climb back down that ladder of labels again.

Another” trend” (if you will) I have noticed over the years, and especially the last couple, is bands don’t have logo’s anymore. Hell, we get some CD releases and the band’s name isn’t even on the front or back cover, just the spine of the CD.It’s like they are afraid to have their name out there. I don’t understand this. Maybe I am old school? Well there is no maybe about that.

When I was growing up, you know you’re old when you begin a sentence like that, but seriously when I was young kid in school all I did was doodle band logos on my note books. Do they even use notebooks anymore? I don’t know I am so out of the loop. A notebook to me was a three-ringed spiral notebook with the wire binding  and would more than likely get all dented up and puncture your arm while carrying it. Now, a note book is a $1000 laptop computer. And I figure it wouldn’t be too smart to doodle band logos on those.

During my stint, I like to consider my 12 years in catholic school like a prison term; I would sit in the classroom which was either too hot or too cold and draw guitars, stages and band logos. It all started with Kiss, then Dokken, Poison and my high school years was filled with Metallica and Anthrax logo’s scrawled all over my notebooks. This was a time when Tone Loc was popular amongst my classmates, and I think “Wild Thing” was actually our class song. God help me. That is just embarrassing. I remember I put down Metallica’s “One” for our class song, at the time I thought it was so fitting. I think they thought I was so strange, in fact in our year book I was voted “Satan’s Little Helper.” That could be because I took Anton LeVey’s Satanic Bible to religion class once and got suspended. That’s another story all together.

Nonetheless, it makes me wonder what artistic band logo’s the kids scribble out now when they are bored in class. Metallica sucks, Nirvana is dead both figuratively and literally and hair metal is hanging on by a thin thread of spandex.

Death Cab for Cutie doesn’t have a cool band logo, some punk bands do though. And get me a gun if I see Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus’ name permanently inked somewhere.

Courtesy of Tory Michael & Innocent Words