Whatever your vice, we found it here this past weekend at Amsterdam Dance Event, Europe’s most anticipated electronic music conference.   DJ’s, Producers, Celebrities, Promoters, Agencies and Clubbers packed over 41 venues across the city, about 140,000 visitors in total and I was lucky enough to get backstage access to a few of the parties.

Who did we see: LMFAO, Afrojack,  David Guetta, Nervo, The Crookers, Audio Bully’s, Plastikman, Richie Hawtin, Paris Hilton (yes, even she was there) and more.

A typical day:

Wake and Bake

“When in Rome….” As the saying goes…. it is Amsterdam after all and since the majority of us do not come from places where the local corner shop freely sell cannabis and other goodies, why not indulge!

Rokerij- you won’t find the typical Bob Marley music and posters all over, its more eclectic with paintings from Nepal and guests sit on the floor on silk rugs and mats.

Bluebird- try the hash bon bons and weed free goodies, you can even get sushi here.

De Dampkring– famous for Orange Bud. Winning 6 Cannabis Cup finals in the past. The décor is artsy, trippy, dark, even has a color changing mushroom lamp in the main room. Oceans Twelve was shot here.

Grab a bike and ride along the many canals, and get lost in the alleyways and cobble stone roads. If you feel like exploring the museums or Anne Franks House then be prepared to wait in line, get there early and rug up…this can be a while!

After you’re done exploring the city, what better way to end your night then a romantic stroll through the Red Light District. Leave your camera at home because there is 24 hours enforcement around here and it will get confiscated if you’re snapping. Sex Shops, museums, shows and red lit windows are the draw here . The girls will try to get you into their lair, they open the door and call out to you.even come down off the stairs..don’t linger around too long unless you mean business…and by that I mean if you have around 50 Euro in your pocket, they call it a Suck and Fuck… you should be good to go.

Some may call it the best window shopping in the World, for me if we could bring the grrls of Juliland to Amsterdam…the Red Light District would be a hell of a lot more interesting!

Stella Blue