For those of you who feel the overwhelming need to have their genitals serenaded, look no further! R&B superstar, Brian McKnight, has decided to produce new work in the form of an “adult mixtape,” a compilation of songs that are entirely NSFW and essentially let women know that their vaginas can produce liquid.

His most notable song, “If You’re Ready to Learn,” places women in the naïve, unknowing position concerning their own vagina.  His unforgettable lyrics, “Let me show you how your pussy works / Bet ya didn’t know that it could squirt / I have lots of things to show you / If you’re ready to learn…” assumes that women are uninformed and unacquainted with what lies down below.  Clearly, I missed the memo that proclaimed Mr. McKnight is the Master of Pussy.

Nevertheless, I hope to learn more about my own genitals through the melodic singing of a forty-something, modern day Romeo.  Thank you, Brian McKnight, I never knew that my pussy could squirt.

Yours truly,
Scarlett Stone

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