You know the saying, “Wake up and smell the roses”?  Well, Baby Frank took that phrase quite literally last Sunday when he met up with the flower of all flowers, Aiden’s dog, Daisy.  The two of them were immediately smitten with one another, as they napped under the willow trees, canoodled in the brush, and peed on every trash can in sight. Their romantic affair was luckily caught on record. Here is what they discussed…

1. Your mother named you ‘Daisy.’ Does this mean that you’re a girly  or do you consider yourself a tomboy?
Just because my mommie wears all black, does not mean that I do. In fact, I will not wear anything but my most favoritest color in the whole world, Pink. My mommie hates that she has to buy me Pink things, but I make her. If you dress me in anything other then pink, I will just stand still & stare at you thinking “bitch, put me back in pink.” I love sparkly and fluffy things as well. Ooo!! And I love my ugly-doll toys.

2. Aiden Ashley is known for being an evil rocker chic. Do you have a  favorite song that she plays?
My mommie plays a ton of good music and I’m a little rocker puppy as well. I actually just got off the Wayne Static tour, so I guess they are my favorite band right now. They feed me yummy food & call me “Snuggle Muffin”. I also like to chew on Wayne’s beard once in a while, it tastes yummy. I also enjoy pooping in the drummer Sean’s bunk since he dropped me once while drunk.

3. Have you ever walked in or watched your master get down and dirty with a man, woman, or a sex toy?
Well, I do have a funny little story about this one. On my very first day ever of tour, mommy got a little crazy with the Crown. She ended up enticing the hottest girl in the venue onto the tour bus. Mommie noticed the front & back lounge were occupied, so she took the girl into her bunk where I was peacefully sleeping in my kennel. All of a sudden I’m woken up to ripping off clothing, banging, and moaning. Mommie just totally fucked a girl in our bunk on the first night!! Since her shirt was in pieces after, mommy gave her the bands merch shirt and sent her on her merry little way.

4. Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, what would you like to be  in your next life?
Reincarnation? Fuck that. I’m going to live forever!! However, incase of an unfortunate accident, I would like to be stuffed by a taxidermist and turned into one of my mommies pieces of artwork. Also, I would like to be a little ghost puppy like Zero in The Nightmare Before Christmas, because that’s my favorite movie. Except I will be haunting bands and forever touring the world!!

5. What would you like to say to all the male dogs out there?
I hate dogs. I only like Pornstars and Rockstars.