jl_places9:08pm. The club is deserted. No matter what day of the week it’s pretty much always deserted at this time. Girls show up earlier anyway because house is cheaper. They take the slow hours to get ready because the stages are only for one or two cheapskates. I’ve definitely showed up for work with wet hair in a bun and no make up. It saved me like forty bucks for tip out, though I did have to do a few stages looking like a plain Jane.

Anyway, the club is basically empty. The stage is lined with men, but the chairs and couches of the main room were deserted. The strippers are mostly in the dressing room, or milling about with nothing to do until the house filled up. I’m lounging, stretched out on the couches that line the back of room, looking up memes on my phone. Beautiful little Sonja joined me, and we caught up. It’d been months since we’d hung out. Cherry, one of my baby strippers and my rave sister joined as well.

We cuddled on the couch, chatting. Boyfriends, singledom, sex, anime. You know, the usual stuff. DJ Tiger (best DJ in the world) started Paramour’s “Misery Business.” We sang along together, an impromptu karaoke. There I sat, on the couch in the back of a strip club, watching a stage, clad in see-through black lace and leather, cuddled up to two strippers, singing our hearts out.

Beautiful moments sometimes happen in unexpected places.

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