jl_blindOver the eight years of doing Innocent Words Magazine, I have certainly been blessed more than one person could ever imagine.

We never set out with a plan where we wanted to do this, this and this in some sort of order. We just started from point A and followed wherever the tides took us. It was a tough go after our first issue, trust me, but somehow, someway we kept going.

Over the eight years I have met some amazing people in the music industry. I have even met some of my rock ‘n’ roll hero’s and some of those hero’s have become my friend. I find this amusing since I am just a music geek that publishes a magazine.

Years ago I met this guy. I don’t remember how I met him. I think it was through an interview about his record label. This guy that I talk about owns a prominent punk rock label. The label was built on the do-it-yourself ethics, kind of like Innocent Words Magazine. His label has signed some very popular acts which have went on to have great mainstream careers.

The label which my friend owns isn’t massive by any means, but they have certainly made their mark. When I met my future friend, the owner of this label, which both shall remain nameless, we struck a same chord of some issues we both had to overcome and deal with on a daily basis. And since we met he has become an inspiration and a hero to me.

He has taught me so much about the music business that my debt to him is priceless. But moreover what he has taught me about life far outweighs anything else.

Today was my birthday, and I am not telling you that to fish for birthday wishes. I am telling you that because no matter how busy my friend is with his label, his new baby and wife, he finds time to pick up the phone to send me birthday wishes. I never think about it during the day, but when he calls it makes the whole birthday.

Come to find out we are both going through some tough personal times right now and he still took the time to call. We both bounce positive thoughts off each other hoping it will be enough.

If everyone would take five minutes out of their day and call (no texting, no instant message, no e mail) them to send well wishes to friends and family maybe it would be better for everyone.

It was just a phone call, a guy who is super busy takes five minutes out of his day doesn’t seem like a lot. But sometimes it means everything.

Courtesy of Tory Michael & Innocent Words