Hello!  Can you hear me?  Are you listening?  Hello!!  I want to talk to you all about communication.  With the overwhelming amount of technology available today, I find it both shocking and confusing when people have difficulty communicating.  Everyday I notice everyone around me talking, texting, and emailing, but I see no one really listening.  You ask a question, you ask for help, you look for an answer, and no one seems to notice or care.  Why is this?  What is going on?  I’m amazed that more and more people communicate less and less.

Most problems today come from lack of communication, poor communication, miscommunication or NO communication.  We get confused, lost, frustrated and ultimately, we have no idea what’s going with our friends and family.  And it all starts with communication!  How many times have you asked for help and no one responded?  How many times have you offered help and did not get a response?  How many times have you check in on a friend and they just didn’t respond?  It bums me out that people don’t get it.  You gotta communicate, and I promise when you do, everything.