Dear Dick,

It’s been awhile! Sorry I’ve been really busy doing nothing in Paradise.  Actually I’m trying to figure out a way to sell coconuts on the beach and live here forever.  I’m about an hour and ½ from Miami yet it feels like I’m at the edge of the Earth on some castaway island.  This place is magic! Harbour Island in The Bahamas, better known as a place where celebrities have huge estates and there are only a handful of resorts here, it’s exclusive and tiny.  The ocean is crystal blue, the beach is only 3 miles long and you ride around the town on golf carts. Go into town and it is like stepping back in time, where the locals call you baby and sugar and you can smell fresh baked bread in the streets and at the wharf you can buy local catch straight from the bucket, here Conch is the specialty and a must try!

Most recently Harbour Island made International news when The Barefoot Bandit, a 19year old who had lead police on a wild goose chase for 2 years, stealing planes and boats along the way got caught at Romora Bay Resort and Marina on Harbour Island.

Check out my pics!  Try and catch me if you can…. Xx Stella