It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and no one knows it better than Franklin Stone, the furry child of Scarlett Stone.  She insists that she “gave birth” to Frank seven years ago, but the truth remains – Frank is a dog and quite clearly, a birth such as that is physically impossible.

But take one look at Frank, and you recognize immediately that he’s not like all the other dogs.  He’s a force to be reckon with, and his eyes will make you fall in love with him in a hot second.  So naturally, we made him a writer for our Juliland Universe as an inside correspondent, spying into the lives of our grrl’s special pets.

While you’ve seen our many grrl’s from all angles (literally), we felt it best to give you yet another insight into their lives.  And who knows our babes better than their own babies?  You’ll hear all about their dirty laundry, undisclosed habits, and buried secrets.  And perhaps most importantly, you’ll get a dose of cuteness weekly with the help of Baby Frank.  In his own words, “I won’t let the fact that I lack opposable thumbs and fingers stop me from writing and meeting fancy, furry companions.  I love my mommy, Scarlett, and I’ll do anything for her.  I love you mom!”  Well said, Frank. We all love her too.