Tis the season!  Ugh!  More traffic, more noise, more stress, holiday music, holiday parties, and holiday wishes.  It all leads to stress and more stress.  Now I’m not a complete Scrooge, but I just believe these holidays are for the kids and adults should simply enjoy it for them.

However, I do like the food aspect of any holiday.  Yes, you do add a few pounds by the end, but it’s necessary to get through the cold winter! And yes, I love me some Egg Nog!  And yes, there are few Christmas songs I love to hear.  My favorite CD of course is The Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack (to be honest, I recommend it for all year long).  But I like the Christmas lights perhaps the most!  I love seeing how everyone gets crazy with their decorations.  In Beverly Hills, they go crazy!  Some house put up massive, crazy displays that can been seen from the space station!

So, as you get through all that is the holidays, please just remember to be nice, be patient, and hope to God that the crazy lady driving real slow in front of you with all her presents will get the fuck out of the way so you can get your work done.  Ho ho ho!