Here we are in October, and somehow, it’s that fucking time of the year I hate most.  Holiday Season!!!  First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and last, Christmas!  Lets not forget about New Years Eve either.  UGH!  While I really don’t mind the meaning behind it all, the food, and the Christmas music, I really have an issue with the immense amounts of traffic and decorations.  But did I mention my issues with the crazy people that come out of nowhere?  And perhaps most frustrating, the commercialization of it all.  Holidays are for kids!  It’s that simple.  There should be a mandatory 18-year-old cut off for everyone.  Once you turn 18… NO holidays for you!  Time to grow the fuck up and get to work.

Rather, adults should have their own holidays that have nothing to do with buying gifts, sending cards, or decorations.  We should have SLEEP-IN DAY, PAID VACATION DAY, HANGOVER DAY, PISSED-OFF DAY, and SHUT THE FUCK UP DAY!  My favorite day is Juliland DAY because that is everyday in my world.  That’s where we like are holidays season to begin and end.

I hope to survive these next few holiday months.  I’m gonna stay busy and avoid the traffic, stay away from the shoppers, and not eat too much.  I’m gonna stay focused on bringing the best of the best to all our Juliland fans and friends.  My head is already into 2012, but before I get there, I wanna end 2011 in a BIG WAY.  That will be my holiday gift to you.  Ho, ho, ho, and happy fucking New Year!