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As a member of The Twilight Singers, The Gutter Twins, and The Afghan Whigs, musician Greg Dulli is undoubtedly a very busy man.  But despite his crazy schedule and overzealous work ethic, I was lucky enough to get a moment with Greg.  Our brief encounter allowed me to better understand his undying love for baseball and the stadiums that have housed his all time favorite games.  When all was said and done, his answers proved just how cleverly sharp this rock star can be.

Why did the band, Afghan Whigs, decide to get back together after a decade apart?
We’re on a mission from God.

The Afghan Whigs recently went on tour, how was the reception from the fans after so many years away?
Tears were shed and babies were made. The afterglow was seen from outer space.

Will there be a new Afghan Whigs album in the future?
The future is unwritten (and so are the songs.)

How do you determine what songs you write go with which band or solo material?
I take them to the oracle.

Back in the day you did a show at Smalls Bar playing Pink Floyd covers.  I’ve also seen you play lots of Prince covers and more.  My question… How do you choose which songs to cover?
I have to wish I wrote it and then act like I did.

Have you ever forgotten the lyrics to a song you were singing or got confused during a show?  What did you do?
No one listens to the words.

We know you love baseball, what is your favorite MLB moment that you saw live and which one overall (TV, history, radio)?
I saw the Reds clinch the pennant in 1990 and I saw Dennis Martinez pitch a perfect game against the Dodgers in 1991.
Last years Texas vs. St. Louis World Series was one of the greatest baseball competitions I’ve ever seen.

Name your top 3 favorite baseball stadiums and why?
– Dodger Stadium because it’s beautiful and it’s right down the street from my house.
– Whatever they’re calling the San Francisco stadium these days because it’s beautiful and right up the road from my house.
– PNC Park in Pittsburgh may be the best of all because I say so.

You’ve toured the world with all your bands too many times to count.  Can you give me your 3 favorite cites to visit?  NOT just for the audience, but for the city, the food, the lifestyle and the energy.
Buenos Aires
New York

Last, why do you love New Orleans so much?
The people, the culture, the music, the architecture, the weather, the food, the river, unmatched debauched access…

Yours truly,
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