Another new fun APP these days is Instagram.  I’m sure if you have an iPhone, you know it already.  And I’m sure if you follow or any of our grrls on twitter, you’ve seen some Instagram images there as well.  I’m sure if you live on the planet earth you know what I’m talking about!  For fuck sake, these apps take off like an STD!

Here are some rules I think everyone needs to think on.  First, be creative.  Look around and do not shoot the obvious (aka yourself)!  We’ve seen enough fotos of you holding your phone above your face with those duck lips pouted.  Show what your life is like and share it with others, but be creative.  Second, stop, think, and then shoot.  As you know I always ask everyone to think about everything they do, but it’s especially true before you shoot and share.  Third, keep it simple!  Sometimes the simplest image is the best image.  Too many post production tricks suck big time.  Ask yourself, “Would this be a great image without the tricks?”

I love the idea of sharing images and your life with the world, and I think it’s cool that people come up with creative ways to do this.  I give Instagram a BIG thumbs.  Now, if they would only let me post naked grrl photos we would love them so much more.  But, I do understand and will always play by the rules.  ;-)