May jGrrl is Heather Joy, a simple JOY to work with.  She is a true pro in every sense of the word.  I want send this simple love letter out to a truly great performer.  You know me, I only work with the best of the best and only play with the best.  AND you know that I love sexy grrls with sick fucking thoughts!  Well, Heather was all that and more.  We met a few months ago and have been have much fun creating art.

She loves to create, has a great imagination, is a smart ass, laughs at my lame jokes and has a pair of super sexy legs!  AND what’s between them is magic!  Ouch!  That sounded creepy, but she does that to me.  From the first shoot to the last she brings JOY to everything we do.  Also, she brings the passion to make great art.  A lot of grrls don’t understand the fact that I am only as good as what they give me.  But, she got it from day one.

I’ll stop with the gushing.  She knows I’m just kissing her ass because she knows I want more!  Heather – thank you grrl for everything you bring me and give to our Juliland Universe.  We know there is more to come.  Be ready!