Here at the Juliland Universe we have some rules.  These rules are not set in stone or even written down.  These rules are simple and are here for one thing only… To make sure everyone has fun!  I thought I would give an insight to our rules.

Rule #01 – Have FUN!  If its NOT gonna be fun, then I will not show up!

Rule #02 – Wet pussy is better than dry pussy.  Duh!

Rule #03 – Never clean up a mess until I say so.  Thank you.

Rule #04 – Please listen, because I do.

Rule #05 – Don’t assume anything… there’s a method to my madness.

Rule #06 – Use your manners.  Please and thank you go a long way.

Rule #07 – Please don’t take yourself too serious.  I don’t take myself serious at all!

Rule #08 – Communication is everything.

Rule #09 – Yes, I can be bribed very easily… so be creative!

Rule #10 – Be nice always!

Thank you!