Just touched down in London town…

And it’s neither cold nor rainy!  Seems that summer has hit the city late and the place is buzzing. With the weather on my side, I decided to explore the city like a true Londoner, I grabbed a map of The London Underground and was on my way.  Did you know “ The Tube” was the first underground railway system in the world? It opened in 1863! – the lovely Station attendant ( who looks about that old ) was quick to point out the history and went on to tell me that this was a big city and I had a busy day ahead of me.

Here were some of my favorite stops:

Highgate: Home to Rod Stewart, George Michael, Kate Moss..this is one of the most expensive areas of London to live. The village is historical, chic and has a gothic feel with a Victorian cemetery that dates back to the 1800’s….Karl Marx is buried here.  Since Londoners don’t really celebrate Halloween…I thought it would be cool to check out the cemetery where a few movies have even been filmed, Bram Stokers Dracula, Shaun of the Dead and Dorian Gray….very cool and creepy.

Camden: Just a few miles away from Highgate is Camden Town…a place for punks, poets, painters and the like. Famous for the markets, Camden is eclectic, edgy and unconventional. The town is kind of like the personalities who live here….one example is Amy Winehouse who grew up, lived and passed away in Camden just recently.

Shoreditch: Just go a bit East and you will find Shoreditch. Sundays make sure to check out The Brick Lane Market, which have been going since the 17th century! Here you will find everything, amazing food stalls to vintage finds, along with a lot of great street art, graffiti from artists such as Banksy around these streets.

Chelsea: Head West if you fancy the finer things in life. Chelsea is home to investment bankers, rockstars and movie stars like Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, Hugh Grant….even Bob Marley wrote “I Shot the Sheriff” in his one-bedroom flat back in the 70’s. Here you will find the high end shops on Sloane Street, up market restaurants and cool bars.  It’s refined, classy and a little arrogant …a perfect place for high tea.

Well Juliland London is a great place but I can’t wait to get back to the sunshine in LA, where I’ll be writing my next post…preferably poolside.

Stella Blue