Yo, where’s my boo?  I wanted to share the most recent fun I had spending the day with 2011 jGrrl of the Year Audrey Bitoni.  Typical crazy fun day!  We made a plan to shoot like always and I put together a great set of ideas that would fill the day with creativity, laughs and more.  BUT of course once we got started all that went out the window and all hell broke loose.  When we get together it’s just simple fun.  NON-STOP fun!  Sometimes we can go for days and not even notice the time.  Sometimes we just create art and could care less about the outside world.  Sometimes we get lost in our own little sick world and never wanna leave.  The results speak for themselves as you can see and will always see.

I just wanted to give thanks to Audrey for not only being a great friend, but trusting me to do what I love to do… Create art.  We have been great friends now for over 4 years.  I can’t compare it to any other relationship I have because it is truly special.  Like every relationship I have with a grrl… They are ALL special and unique, but Audrey is my Audrey.  She is a great 2011 jGrrl of the Year for many reasons, but the biggest one of all is that she is nothing but fun for me and with me.  Thank you Audrey for being my friend, an inspiration, crazy as fuck, beautiful, smart, sexy, nasty and fun.  WE rule always.  Yup Yup!



PS. Baby baby baby.