Ok so I know I have been MIA for a few weeks, I can explain, I have been around the world visiting all my favorite people in all the cities I love.  My top 3 cities in the World, NYC, Tokyo and Sydney is where I’ve spent most my time, so here is a 3 part blog series on why everyone should take a few months off and experience each of these places!

Lets start with NYC and reasons why you need to visit and better yet live in NYC, at least once in your life:

The pace, add some excitement to your life and live in a city that doesn’t stop and GO, GO, GO.

Immerse yourself in Culture, ever wanted to go to China, Italy, Armenia? Well you don’t have to go far to have similar experiences across town. NYC is the only city in the World where you have a little bit of every culture and entire areas dedicated to different ethnicities.  Find any type food or keepsake and you don’t have to go too far either.

Be inspired.

To Walk. Ditch the LA traffic and prepare for some human traffic in the bouroughs of NYC. Whether it be the madness of Times Square or window shopping of Soho, there is so much to see and do when on foot.

For food. Take a bite out of the Big Apple literally, with hundreds of the best restaurants at your doorstep, plan your days around your next meal.

If you love NYC then Tokyo will be a fast favorite.  Bright city lights, human traffic and some of the best food on the planet. Travel to Japan to get lost in translation and immerse yourself.

TOKYO: Do one thing and do it right, this is the best way to describe Japanese attention to detail and the culinary experience.  The city is made up of restaurants that specialize in one type of food, sushi, yakitori, gyoza, shabu shabu…take your pick but please try it all, you will not be disappointed.

Things you must do:

Rock with the Rockabillies of Yoyogi Park. Sundays head down to the park and watch these Japanese cowboys, dressed in skinny leather jeans and vests.

Harajuku- For fashion, shopping and people watching.

Tsukiji Fish Market for the freshest sushi in the world. Have a Japanese breakfast of champions at 6am and spoil yourself with the best toro in the World.

Try out a Love Hotel, rented by the hour and different themed, grab your partner and go have some fun.

After a few days of being lost in translation, we decided we had enough of the cold and what better way to escape winter then to head to Sydney for Summer.

SYDNEY: Things to do?

Check out Bondi Beach for great surf, beach and babes.

Take a harbour cruise. Make sure to cross the harbour to Manly at least and visit the iconic Opera House, Ben Harper was playing when we were there.

With Sydney Summer comes music festivals, Big Day Out, Good Vibrations, Future Music, some of the biggest names in dance and rock music come out to celebrate Aussie summer and so should you.

After a fun filled few weeks, I’m looking forward to my own bed and some much needed home time!!


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