bp_interjadasWhat is your favorite Disney movie of ALL time?
Lion King

What do you love about porn & what do you hate about porn?
I love porn for the money and my love for sex.  I hate porn because all the fuckshit that people come at you with. (if you don’t know what fuckshit means… used to show how ridiculous something is)

Is there anything in porn that grosses you out and would never do?
Fisting.  It’s freaks me out.  Period.

Who would you hate to see naked?
I dk.

What quality do you admire most in a man?
Ambition x sense of humor.

What is the one thing you refuse to share?
I refuse to share my joint in the club.

What is your favorite number and why?
I like the #13 because it’s suppose to be unlucky #, but have always brought my luck.

Whats the secret to great sex?

Where is the strangest place you peed?
In a water bottle in the car on the 101.

Fuck, Marry, Kill… Remy LaCroix, Phoenix Marie, Skin Diamond
I would fuck Remy, marry Pheonix and kill Skin.
PS. I knew if I didn’t pick this way I’d get my asshole fisted :)