bp_interserena1What or who got you into porn?
I started porn initially because I was broke, and couldn’t otherwise afford to keep my horse.

What makes a “porn star” a star?
Charisma is what makes anyone a star. Its that ability to grab you viewer through the camera and draw them in. It helps to be horny all the time too.

What is the good, bad and ugly of web camming?
Good, is your average cam girl. Bad, is the girl who pays more attention to her phone then her audience. Ugly, is anything that ends up on efukt.com (shudder)

MY cam shows are always amazing!

Is there anything you haven’t done sexually that you are looking forward to?
I haven’t done a big group sex scene yet… I would really like that to be my next birthday party.

If you were a ice cream, what flavor would you be?
Your favorite.

Give us one thing your fans don’t know about you that would surprise them?
I hate roller coasters.

Name 5 “porn stars” you admire and why?
Of course they are all friends of mine because I admire them for more than just their performances (not to say that they aren’t all very talented)

Missy Minks – was the first cam girl I looked up to and she’s adorable when she’s drunk.
Remy La Croix – is the most normal person in porn I know.
Cheyenne Jewel – works harder than anyone else I know and she will crush anyone who disagrees with this.
Maddy O’Reily – is as sweet as she is kinky, what’s not to love?
Bella Wilde – you’d never know by her scenes that, off camera, she’s a perfect German house wife.

How often do you masturbate?
I’m masturbating right now…

How do we find you & where do we find you?
I have a website now SerenaBlairXXX.com  and you can follow me on Twitter @sexyserenab

Fuck, Marry, Kill… Count Chocula, Captain Crunch, Tony the Tiger
Fuck… Tony the Tiger because I have a thing for athletes
Marry… Count Chocula because you know he has money
Kill… Captain Crunch because his fucking cereal hurts my mouth