bp_intertoriYou’ve been in the biz for a while now, what do you think of the porn biz now compared to when you started?
I think that the industry has become much harder to succeed in. I find that there aren’t as many “superstars” as there were when I first began. It was easier to gain notoriety than it is now. With the talent pool being so large and the shift in the market from DVDs to Internet, talented girls get lost.

If you could have one super hero power, what would it be?
I would have a redo button! I’m a perfectionist and if I could go back and do something better I would be SO happy.

If you met a grrl today who wanted to be a “porn star” and she asked for your advice, what simple advice would you give her?
First; tell everyone you love and everyone you respect. Sit down and have full conversations and listen to their responses. Act as though you’re already performing. If you can make it through that and still want to be in porn, then make your way to a reputable agent.

Funniest thing that ever happened to you in set?
The funniest I can remember was Alexis Texas jerking a guy off and accidentally making him nut in his own mouth! He tried his hardest to keep a straight face for the last few seconds before they finally cut.

Now that you are getting into directing, what is your vision for the kind of work you want to create?
I want to make real sex in a high end way. Think of the amateur sex out there, the scenarios, the passion.. Take away the bad lighting, poor camera positioning and dingy set, and that’s about where you’ll find me. I want to see two(or more) people who want each other so badly they really lose themselves. I want women to feel empowered by porn, not threatened, and I want men to see what they could really do at home!

Name 5 “porn stars” you admire and why?
(Note for you. This question is impossible for me to answer haha. Give me a minute to think. I only have one on my list so far..)

Belladonna is the first who pops into my mind. She’s strong and behaves as though she’s fearless. The reason I say behaves, is because as a woman, even as a strong woman, we all have weak moments. I’m sure she’s faced plenty of adversity in many aspects but she maintained composure and showed her inner strength. She showed class in loving herself for who she is, appreciating others for their individuality and she showed ingenuity in her business methods as well as her product.

Do you like to watch porn, if so what kind?  If not, why not?
Not anymore, I did as a teen. Now I’m so involved in it that when it’s time for a personal moment I’m pretty much “porned out.”

What’s the best thing about being a “porn star”?
It has enabled me to live a beautiful life. I’ve been entirely financially independent since I was 18, and I create my own work schedule. I’ve been through two work-free pregnancies and I’ve enjoyed spending time with my kids as I’ve only worked part-time since becoming a mother.

I’ve also been able to touch the lives of several women who’ve shared their private histories with me, stating that I’ve helped them come out of their shells and experience sex in a different way than ever before. Sex is important; it’s empowering, it’s comforting, and it’s natural. The majority of women are fed the opposite information.

What’s the worst thing about being a “porn star”?
People underestimate me in a very personal way. They assume very degrading things, and in turn scold and harass me as well as my family. Things that are completely private and personal become a public issue and many people can’t see past the stereotype of my job. It turns me into a hermit, a little. I’d rather just stick to people who know me and appreciate the person I am.

Fuck, Marry, Kill… Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, George Clooney?
LMAO, really? Ugh…. Fuck Johnny, marry Brad and kill George. Johnny is intellectual, I like that in a sexual partner. Brad likes a lot of kids (essential for a hubby) hahahaha and George got left out.

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