Dude!  Seriously, do NOT take my shit seriously.  If you don’t know by now, I will explain everything to you.  WE do NOT take this shit serious.  If you have read my words, Scarlett’s words or any of the grrls words, we are just having fun!  I’ve been getting lots of email and comments lately that have me worried.  PLEASE take a step back and see what we are all about: FUN!

Check out our rules and you will see that rule #01 is have fun!  PLEASE do NOT take what we do as serious shit!  My goal from day one was to have fun, create art, make grrls smile, show the world how lucky I am and have lots of laughs.  PLEASE do not think I’m trying to change the world or make some serious shit.  Its just sex!  Its just naked grrls!  Its just sexy, naked grrls!  Its just crazy fun!

So, everyone please be nice and see that it’s all for fun!  The grrls love to have fun with me for you.  The grrls love to show you how much fun WE all have together.  I want you ALL to see that I work very hard at having fun.  I do NOT take what we do serious, but I do take having fun very seriously.

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