Sometimes I feel like you have to be rehabilitated after quitting stripping.  You start measuring rights and wrongs and normals differently.  I learned this during the year off I took to please my overprotective boyfriend.  Good tip: don’t quit stripping for some doucher.  Anyway…

You get habits.
For me it was sticking my tongue out at guys.
Or messing with my nipples.
For Ares it was absentmindedly jiggling her ass.
Gia talks from under her eyelashes when she wants something.
Marley gives everybody lap dances when she blacks out.

Things that used to be okay are now not allowed.
Cursing freely.
Being sexually attracted to your friends.
Being really sexually open.
See through shirts without bras.
Getting shit faced drunk.
Drugs. Even just weed.
Being a bitch.
Being honest.
Checking your pussy in the mirror while in a room full of people.
Announcing your period.
Messing with your nipples.

The cursing and the nipples thing are the hardest part.
Also the sexuality and lying.
Oh and the almost mom-in-law did not appreciate me eying her husband. I can’t help it, fifty something’s with money get me going and old habits die hard.

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