The grrls of Juliland have their blogs, their foto sets, their movies, and their Snog & Shag interviews with the one and only, Lexi Belle.  In addition, they’re also given their own “Wish Lists,” a place where their admirers can buy them toys, shoes, jewelry, what have you, from a list that the ladies personally put together.  The thought of having an outsider purchase for you some of the most sought-after items (with no strings attached) sounds scrumptious and enticing .  That being said, I personally like buying things for myself with my own money, on my own accord – it must be the inner feminist in me!  Nevertheless, Scarlett Stone has a Wish List and it includes one item: a micro miniature potbelly pig.

Some grrls want diamonds and gold, while others desire overly expensive cars that include with tool-like boyfriends that look like Ken.  As for myself, I want a pink piglet with a curled tail that trots around my apartment like the sass queen she is.  Essentially, she’d be the pig version of me – a heartbreaker who knows what’s she wants, when she wants it, and eats delicious food in the process.  I’d swear off bacon for the rest of my life, give her baths daily, cuddle with her cute little frame at night, and take her for a walk in the morning.  Did I mention I’d adorn her with a red bow around her neck? Or, the fact that I’d try my best to match our outfits?  And when I say “outfits,” I’m referring to the fact that she wears no clothes, and as a result, I would most likely remain naked for the rest of my life.

So give me my life-long companion, shower me with this gift, and make me the happiest doll ever.  To all those men out there, hear my words – the pig always prevails.

Yours truly,
Scarlett Stone