After a long, exhaustingly awesome four days, the main reason for my Cali trip had finally arrived.  I was shooting with the creator of the Juliland Universe, the somehow both masochistic and sadistic Richard Avery.

When I woke up at 9:30 he was already hard at work playing god in what I can only describe as his bat cave.  I studied the boxes of film on his book case as he told me about his hectic day’s schedule, organized in lists within lists within color coded tabs.  Nudes, bondage, S&M. There were books on BDSM mixed in with elegant volumes of classic photography.  We flipped through a book of flapper era photography, his favorite, full of artful nudes and innocent wide eyes.

He instructed me on my make up, heavily kohl lined eyes with black shadow.  He likes a dark lip, but unfortunately I hadn’t brought lipstick so I did my best with eye shadow, and later colored my lips in entirely with black eye liner.

I came down the stairs in a black leather corset and my signature black patent, eight inch stiletto boots.  Where a normal person would have a living room, he had a well lit photo studio.  A black stool, some lights, and a white background stood waiting for me, along with a cup of coffee and Dick fidgeting with a massive camera lens.

The shoot started out normal enough.  Fairly typical poses.  Dick prefers the sad, round eyed flapper look, so I did my best to oblige.  The corset pictures turned out beautiful, softly lit and glamorous.  Then the corset came off.

Dick: I’m gonna need you to stand on the stool.

I stared at the eight inch heels I was precariously balancing in, and back at him.  Carefully I climbed up, crouching like a gargoyle like in the pose that had made me fall in love with Dick’s work.  The camera clicked as he told me about the other shoots he had worked on.  Famous artists, fetish porn stars, girls smeared in chocolate cake, covered in clothes pins, the works.

I changed into my blue turquoise bikini.  Dick smeared vaseline on my hands and told me to rub my eyes and mouth. “Make it look like you just gave a really sloppy blow job.”  I rubbed my hands over my eyes and all over my lips, streaking my heavy black make up all over my face.  He sprayed water all over me, messed up my hair.  The shoot took a grungy turn, which I loved.

We shot me smoking a cigarette.  The smoke kept getting in my eyes and burning, and when I complained he called me a pussy, chastised me for smoking, and kept shooting.  We went through two cigarettes that way, my eyes burning and me protesting, and him lecturing and laughing.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Dick Method is officially the most effective quit smoking program I have ever heard of.

I took my top off, we covered my nipples with tape. I wore a ball gag and a bondage collar.  Got sprayed down again with cold water.  The camera clicked madly as my feet ached from holding just the right stance in my stilettos for the pictures.

The shoot lasted three hours.  When we were done we grabbed lunch and ate while looking over the pictures.  They were amazing.

I was exhausted.  Streaks of black make up still remained on my face as I got into my car to drive home.  My body was sore my eyes still burning from the smoke.  Jaw slightly sore from the ball gag.  Shooting with Dick was awesome.

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