I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to introduce to you all one of my dearest friends, Stella Blue!  While I adore all my grrls here in the Juliland Universe, I have such a soft spot for Stella that’s truly unique and unparalleled.

I’m sure Richard would agree with me when I say there’s nothing sexier than a smart grrl who enjoys writing and traveling.  And in a nutshell, that’s what Stella is: an intelligent, brunette jet setter who goes BIG every time she steps into a new country or city.  But she’s more than that – she embodies a free-spirited archetype that most women dream to be, but never come close to.

At the ripe age of twenty-five, Stella has already experienced the luxuries of five-star hotels and first class.  Needless to say, she has a very refined taste that can easily be confused with snobbery.  But Stella is anything but a snob.  She’s a beauty with a heart of gold and a brain to match it.  A graduate of NYU, she’s extremely analytical in everything she does, a characteristic that comes in handy when she enters uncharted territory.  But out of all the places she’s been, she tells us that New York City, London, Tokyo, Paris, and Sydney are her absolute favorite cities thus far.

When she has a moment to spare, you’ll most likely find Stella taking a long bubble bath or receiving a massage from the best masseuses from around the globe.  With such limited time on her hands, we are very lucky that she has agreed to frequently share her travel diaries on the Juliland Blog!  After reading a few of her entries, I can confidently say that I’m green with envy, wishing I had the same travel opportunities as Stella (unfortunately, I have to hold down the Juliland Lair here in Hollywood and take care of Richard – I don’t know what he would do without me).

So my Juliland darlings, don’t say I didn’t warn you! You too will be green with envy very, very soon.  Expect great articles and great stories from Stella – you won’t be disappointed.

Yours truly,
Scarlett Stone