jl_celebritiesEveryone has at least one celebrity that they fantasize about fucking, here my Top 10 from the past 25 years in no particular order.

1. Helen Mirren – She’s pushing 70, but she’s still sexy as fuck & I love the accent.

2. Denise Crosby – I had many young teenage fantasies about Lieutenant Tasha Yar.

3. Cindy Crawford – Her poster was above my bed all the way through High School.

4. Mila Kunis – I want her to be my Friend With Benefits.

5. Martha Stewart – I’d totally let her dominate me, it would be a good thing.

6. Pamela Anderson – I jerked off to the opening scene of Barb Wire many, many times.

7. Nigella Lawson – The sounds she makes when tasting food really turns me on.

8. Tori Spelling – The 90210 chick I wanted bang in the 90’s.

9. Elle Macpherson – Forget the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, it was all about Sirens.

10. Christina Hendricks – I love a woman with curves, and hers make me a mad man.

Courtesy of Mo Reese – TheAverageMo.com

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